Welcome to Hope Springs Dairy

We are a small family farm in Bend, Oregon! We offer pasture-raised raw Jersey Cow Milk via a Herdshare model (What is a Herdshare?). With a generous amount of cream on the top, you can skim some for coffee and butter making, or simply shake it in for delicious whole milk. We currently offer raw cow and goat milk. We strive to give the freshest product for the best value. Give it a try!

We are the Seversons and we started Hope Springs Dairy in 2013.

Our micro-dairy is dedicated to providing real raw cow and goats milk through our dedicated herdshare program. Invest in your health; let us help you! We are open and available more often than naught. We’d love to meet you, and in turn, have you meet us— the farmers— and our incredible animals.

Our vision is to connect our community with our farmstead for sustainability and cultural growth through great relationships and community learning.