Our Story 5

We are Jeff and Lysa Severson (and children!).  We were all born and raised in Oregon (although Jeff spent some of his childhood in the apple country in Central Washington). We started raising goats for our family’s personal milk in 2009. Inspired by our friends at Bend Soap Company, we started Hope Springs Dairy as a way that Jeff could provide a living for our family while being able to involve kids and enjoy having a family business. We got our first Jersey Cow in November of 2013.  Her name was Bessie. Her milk had all the benefits of the raw goat’s milk (plus some B-12 vitamins that the goat’s milk lacked), with a better flavor and we could produce the milk at half the cost of goat’s milk. In the fall of 2015, we discontinued our goat-milk program to focus on our cows. We truly believe in raw milk and how nourishing and life-giving it is! All of our children have had our raw milk as their first food as infants.  Some of the little ones even enjoyed our raw cheese as a first food!

We strongly believe in feeding cows what cows are supposed to eat. That means fresh green grass, natural foraging, and grass hay! We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and we are naturally hormone free!


  • Sarah Tegtmeier

    Hi! I have been wanting to get a hold of good, raw dairy products for a little while now. Do you just offer milk, or also butter, cheese, yogurt? Thanks!!

    • hopespring

      Yes we have raw goats milk, we also have cheese periodically and were looking into butter and if we have a market for it. I don’t make yogurt because goats milk yogurt (especially raw) is a very thin consistency. It makes excellent kefir however!  Let us know if your interested!
      Thanks! Lysa

  • Lareesa

    My family and I are from California; we are staying in Black Butte Ranch for a week and our baby has only ever had raw goat milk. Our supply is out and I am desperate to find some high quality raw goat milk from the surrounding area. How far away is your farm from Black Butte and can we just come pick some up today? If not, do you know of anywhere else that we could get some? Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product.,
    San Diego, Ca.

    • hopespring

      We might have a little extra, sent you an email 🙂

  • sutra1

    We also enjoy the raw milk we recieve from the cows at Hope Spring Dairy. The entire family seems to feel better after drinking this milk, the taste is so delicious. Jeff , Lysa and the girls are very fine folks to deal with, they invited us out to visit the cows and goats which was a great time! Could not ask for better people to have hooked up with.

    Robert Lee-Bend,Or