Our Milk

Fresh! Raw! Pasture Raised! You’ve Never had milk like ours!

At Hope Springs Dairy we are proud to be hormone free.  Our pasture is free of herbicides and chemical fertilizers! We have raw Jersey and Guernsey Cow milk. Please contact us to visit the farm and we’ll be happy to show you around!


Jersey & Guernsey Milk Nutrition:

Why our traditional pasture raised raw Jersey & Guernsey milk is so good for you:

  • What does Jersey & Guernsey cow milk mean?
    • They are 2 different heritage (traditional) breeds of dairy cows that originate from the British Isles.
    • These breeds have more cream than modern breeds which translates into higher mineral content, absorption, and energy-producing saturated fats.
    • Their raw milk has more enzymes than newer breeds which help your body digest the milk.  Most notably is the lactase enzyme that helps breaks down lactose (milk sugars), making it more suitable for those with lactose intolerance. The lactase enzyme is killed in the pasteurization process.
    • Whole raw Jersey/Guernsey cow milk is actually a complete food source. People have done raw milk fasts whereby nothing is consumed but raw cow’s milk with positive effects of long term usage (several testimonials of years at a time).This is not recommended on Holstein milk as there is not quite enough cream for sustenance (cream must be added to Holstein milk).  Read our section on the raw milk fast!
    • The Jersey breed is more commonly found to have A2 milk than new breeds (Holsteins, etc.).  An even higher percentage of Guernsey cows are found to have A2 milk.
      • What is A2? It is a protein chain found in the milk curd (i.e., milk solids).  Some believe the A1 protein chain found in Holstein milk may produce difficulties with digestion and other health reactions to the beta-casomorphin7 (BCM7) that is produced when the A1 protein is digested.
      • Please feel free to do your own research on the A1 & A2 milk protein debate.
    • Realmilk.com has a link to a study showing one survey that found 82% of people who considered themselves Lactose intolerant could drink raw Jersey milk without any issues.
    • These breeds of cows have more vitamin B12 than goat’s milk, which is why it is recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation for their raw milk baby formula (obviously nursing from mom is best for baby, but we have had a couple of herdshare members use our raw milk in a supplemental raw milk formula).

The Research of Dr. Weston A. Price:

Dr. Weston Price is a famous dentist who founded the research institute of the National Dental Association, which later became the research section for the American Dental Association, and served as its chair from 1914–1928.

In the 1930’s he traveled the world to scientifically study the effects of the modern diet [with products like white flour, white rice, white sugar, and canned goods] on the dental health of highly isolated rural and indigenous peoples. He covers this in much detail in his work ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration‘.

He found the isolated mountain Swiss of the Loetschental Valley ate a diet composed predominantly of whole rye bread with a liberal use of pastured raw dairy products. They were in excellent health, and had an exceedingly low cavity rate of .3%. He had to examine 3 people on average to find a single instance of caries in any deciduous or permanent tooth. In fact anywhere in the world he traveled he found that any people using a liberal amount of raw dairy products in their diet had excellent health and teeth.

Raw Milk Fasting:

Raw milk fasting [the consumption of only raw milk for a set number of days] was used as a highly successful therapy for a wide range of diseases in the early part of the 20th century.

Dr. J.R. Crewe of the Mayo Foundation milk-fasted patients on pastured raw milk for 16 years. He found it successful in curing edema, cardiac disease, cystitis, diabetes, psoriasis, tuberculosis, nephritis, anemia, thyroid conditions, prostate disease, and reducing blood pressure. He found it to be a consistent ‘beautifying treatment’ as well. [The Milk Cure]

Dr. William Osler used raw milk-fasting to successfully treat chronic gastritis, Bright’s disease, stomach cancer, and rheumatic fever. [The Milk Cure]

A woman used a 90 day raw milk fast to cure herself of Lyme Disease. [The Healthy Home Economist]

Modern experiences with milk-fasting – The Milk Cure 2012